APSL volunteer job descriptions (Board approved 8/2010):
The volunteer opportunities listed below are open to any member of APSL--general members, associate members, retirees, and board members. Initial term for all positions will be through June 30, 2011. All subsequent terms are for two years ending on June 30 of odd numbered years. This will allow for review of accomplishments by the Board and renewal of the term at the discretion of the volunteer, as well as ease transitions into and out of positions in the year following Board elections.
Kindly notify any member of the Board if you are interested in assuming one of these positions for 2010-2012.
Your participation is anticipated and appreciated.
Thank you.

Volunteer Coordinator--J. Malloy
Solicits volunteers to assume these positions. Acts as a liaison between Board and volunteer(s) for accomplishing tasks.

APSL Community Liaisons (Board approved, 9/10)
One Community Liaison represents APSL to one community group and its representative(s) throughout the year. This is a one-on-one position entailing probably one, perhaps more, face-to-face visits annually, time permitting on the part of the other organization's leadership. The job is to become informed about the organization; ask the director/staff for an invitation to appropriate meeting(s), i.e. their agenda meshes with APSL's; APSL can endorse their platform; APSL can show support (how, to be determined). Liaisons will report back to APSL in a timely manner. The wiki page http://apsl.wikispaces.com/APSL+Community+Liaisons%27+Notes may be used for this purpose.
There is no compensation, but each Community Liaison does receive an honorary APSL membership in that person's usual category for the year in which the visit(s) takes place. Professional demeanor and dress required.
Notes from meetings attended by Community Liaisons can be found at APSL Community Liaisons' Notes.
Other groups may be added as the APSL Board deems appropriate.
Community Liaisons needed for:
Youth United for Change--Edison, Kensington, Mastbaum, Olney (East and West) <http://www.youthunitedforchange.org/>
Philadelphia Student Union--West Philadelphia, Furness, Bodine,Central, et al. <http://home.phillystudentunion.org/Contact-Us/Philadelphia-Student-Union.html>--J. Davis holds this position.
Action United--Craig Robbins 215-917-1701, William Browning 215-839-3393 <http://www.actionunited.org/>
Juntos <mexjuntos@yahoo.com>
SEAMAAC <http://www.seamaac.org/>--South Philadelphia, Southwark, et al.
Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY)--Sheila Simmons 215-563-5848 x12
Philadelphia Compact <http://www.philadelphiacompact.org/home/>--D. Grill holds this position.
Parents United for Public Education--Helen Gym <http://sites.google.com/site/parentsunitedphila/ email: parentsunitedphila@gmail.com

APSL Historian--J. Hunter in collaboration with B. Maiden
Will research, as necessary, and record the history of APSL from its founding to the present. Noted will be the varied purposes and activities, presidents and board members, Librarian of the Year, and Administrator of the Year over time. Although information may be gathered on the wiki, the end result will be archived on the APSL web page.

Constitutional parliamentarian
Posts constitutional issues on the wiki. Notifies membership via alternate email, encouraging discussion of the issues posted.
Notifies membership in a timely manner according to Constitutional directions about issue(s) facing a vote. Creates ballot and prepares copies for the vote.
Assumes direction of general membership meetings when constitutional issues are considered and discussed. Retains a vote on constitutional issues as an APSL member, but remains neutral when in control of discussions on the floor.
Distributes and collects ballots. Counts votes with volunteer observers. Announces result of vote(s).

Home and School Liaison
Reports to Board meetings with dates of Home and School meetings. Arranges with H&S leadership and APSL volunteer advocates for presentations about school libraries to H&S during the school year.

Legislative Aide
Liaison among legislative school library efforts and advocates (Ex. PSLA, ALA, state and federal representatives and APSL members), interpreting the "big picture" and explaining step-by-step actions to the APSL membership regularly or as needed.

Non-certified library staff liaison--M. Kroch
Brings to the Board's attention for consideration concerns regarding non-certified library staffers. APSL's advocacy statement on the wiki home page will determine the Board's consideration and response to the concerns. Can take concerns more appropriately answered by the union, to the PFT for the benefit and edification of all non-certified library staff.

Retiree Coordinator--T. Weinraub
Actively pursues contact information for librarians about to retire (email preferred).
Network to gather contact information for librarians emeritus (email preferred).
Forward to retirees information about general membership meetings. Advise them that their attendance will help them to remain current in technology. (See Technology Coordinator below.)
As needed, ask for their participation in advocacy (telephone calls, letters, networking, emails, visits with politicians, etc.)

Social Director--M. Tatro
Will alert members on a regular basis throughout the school year (quarterly, for example) via the wiki and alternate email, to social activities of interest, both free and requiring admission. (An example of a free activity might be a guest author speaking in the FLP series. An example of an admission might be a special exhibit at a museum.)
Or, at the suggestion of the membership, be willing to coordinate an annual trip.
Maintains wiki page <http://apsl.wikispaces.com/Social+events>
Works to develop camaraderie and bring library staff together for pleasant, shared experiences.

Technology Coordinator(s)--J. Downing
Assist members in signing up for alternate email accounts.
Assist members to join the wiki; teach how to edit a page. (Note: When signing up for the wiki, members must provide alternate email accounts so that membership can be acknowledged using that alternate email account upon acceptance to wiki membership.)
Advise membership via alternate email accounts of appropriate SDP professional development opportunities at 440 throughout the year. Encourage library staff to sign up for sessions together.
Present a mini (or not so mini) technology lesson at general membership meetings.
Present latest technology items of interest at Board meetings.

Advocacy Coordinator--2012 J. Malloy [?]
Will become a stipend based position upon availability of funding through grant(s).