School Library contract issues

SDP/PFT contract issues affecting students through school libraries

This page addresses school library issues around the SDP/PFT contract and negotiations, with the best interests in mind of the students of the School District of Philadelphia.

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A contract is an agreement between two parties. Therefore, those who express displeasure with the resulting conditions of a contract by singling out for responsibility only one of the two parties involved, are ignoring the agreement process and conditions negotiated by the two parties together. That is to say, the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT) is not responsible alone for the conditions and results of any current contract. Representatives of the School District of Philadelphia signed off on the very same conditions, resulting in a legally binding document to be respected and upheld by both parties.

2008-2009 SDP/PFT contract wording:
Below the horizontal line in black type is every place in the 2008-2009 contract that "libr" is mentioned.
The citation for this information is

Suggestions to be made to Jerry Jordan by members of the APSL board for the August 2009 contract are edited into this contract, below, in red.

VIII C. Appointments

1. All appointments to positions in the Division of Libraries shall be
impartially made on the basis of examinations appropriate for each such position.

XII. Compensation
7. LIMAs shall receive a one hundred ($100) dollar supply allotment from the library budget allotment each year.

XVIII. Working Conditions of Teachers

A. Definition
1. For purposes of Sections B and C (1-13) of this Article, the following positions are hereinafter referred to as teacher or teachers:
Classroom teachers, counselors, librarians, teachers on leave, special education teachers, itinerant teachers, demonstration teachers, collaborating or consulting teachers, provisional teachers, long term substitute teachers, department heads, coordinators, administrative assistants, and released teachers.

C. Assignment and Transfer
13. Assignment of Librarians and Elementary Specialists
(a) Each school shall be provided
with a library with a full-time
certified librarian OR, staffing shall meet the recommended minimum levels listed in the Pennsylvania Guidelines for School Library Programs (Commonwealth Libraries, PA Department of Education, ©2005, p.20).

D. Duties
15. Money collected within the school in connection with the circulation of library books shall be allocated to that school for its library needs,
[red] at the librarian's discretion. [red}
E. Pupils, Programs and Curriculum
15. Pupils shall not be assigned to the school library or instructional
materials center as a disciplinary measure.

F. Support Services, Supplies, Facilities and Other Conditions
8. Books for all libraries shall be purchased in already
processed form and added to a central catalog by the vendor.

9. Certified librarians may purchase books from any vendor providing the best value and selection.
25. The library and certified librarian shall be available for library purposes to students and teachers at all times during the school day, except during contractually duty-free periods. [Remainder of sentence deleted.]
##The librarian shall have full-time clerical help OR, staffing shall meet the Pennsylvania Guidelines for School Library Programs, Appendix A: Staffing (Commonwealth Libraries, PA Department of Education, ©2005, p.20).
##Library budgets will be centralized, meeting the Pennsylvania Guidelines for School Library Programs (Commonwealth Libraries, PA Department of Education, ©2005, p.21) recommended exemplary or better budgetary expenditures per pupil per year (Appendix B), to the point of maintaining the exemplary recommended numbers of Collection of Materials and Resources.
##Each school library shall be a technologically wireless environment.
##The school library shall have an automated circulation system, an electronic catalog, and centrally purchased software supporting student research.
####Every school library shall have a minimum of 15 desktop computers, or a computer cart with a minimum of 20 functioning laptops. Each computer shall be no more than 4 years old and internet connected.
##Librarians will engage in a minimum of 4 library-specific professional development days per school year.
##The school library shall be accessible for the handicapped and welcoming to students with adequate heat, light, and an environmentally clean atmosphere.

XXI. Working Conditions of Paraprofessionals

A. Work Schedule
4. All meetings of library instructional materials assistants shall be held during the workday.
##Paraprofessional library staff will engage in library-specific professional development during at least 4 SDP professional days per school year.

D. Support Services, Facilities and Supplies
2. Books for all libraries shall be purchased in already processed form and added to a central catalog by the vendor.