This page is open for additions by SDP school librarians whose library programs have been included in their School Improvement Plans (SIPs). Kindly include the location in the plan and the statement made about the school library program/certified librarian.
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Ex. High School--Suggestions made during 2007-2008 school year for SIP form Getting Results! tm-Gen 3 (rvsd 02/2007)

Worksheet 4:Compile and Prioritize Areas of Strength and Concern, p. 17
School library program supports literacy through encouragement of free reading; supports curriculum through certified school librarian collaborations and teaching.

4.0 Foundational Guiding Questions, p. 19
4.2 Access to challenging, grade appropriate content--yes Observable Evidence--School library resources
4.3 Effectiveness of teacher matched to needs of student--yes Observable Evidence--Certified school librarian
4.6 Professional development linked directly to school's instructional priorities--yes Observable evidence--Certified librarian pursues professional development through District, state and national conferences

Worksheet 6: Prioritize "Root Cause" and Improvement Strategies, p. 21
Highest Priority Student Achievement Areas of Concern--Increase circulation of library resources to students
"Root Cause"--Transiency of student population
Best Practices--Develop collection of YA and Spanish language paperbacks; increase reader advisory

Student Achievement Target for Reading: p.24
Step 3: Delivery
What needs to be done: Encourage reading through library resources, book circulation
By whom? Certified librarian
By when? 2007-2008
With what? Library materials
Step 5: Documentation
Track progress--Observation, circulation records

Student Achievement Target for Science: p.28
Step 3: Delivery
What needs to be done: Library research
By whom? Collaboration between science teacher and certified librarian
By when? 5/2008
With what? Library materials
Step 5: Documentation
Track progress--Students' completed written assignments

C. Heinsdorf, M.S.L.S.
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