Students will analyze a print by Jacob Lawrence that is part of a sequence on the migration of
African Americans after World War 1.
Students will apply information with a project, relevant to the topic.




Panel 57, Projector, Computer, Readings, Art Materials
SWBAT: Read for information – identify/analyze Theme, Sequencing, Main idea, Supporting details, Vocabulary, Figurative language. Take notes for information.
Analyze and apply information in a project.
1.1.8 - Learning to Read Independently
Main Idea – supporting details
1.2.8 - Reading Critically In All Content Areas – Fig. Language,
1.3.8 - Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature – Theme, Sequencing
1.7.8 - Characteristics and Function of the English Language - Vocabulary
1.8.8 – Research- Project
Do Now
5 min.
Scrabble Do Now
Add words migrate and immigrant for sentences.
5 Min.
Students will write adjectives or words to describe the print by Jacob Lawrence. (Imagery, figurative language.)
Share words to identify what Panel 57 portrays.

10 min
I will tell students about Jacob Lawrence and that the painting is part of a series on the Great Migration.
I will project and distribute readings. I will read first paragraph and model note taking for main idea and supporting details.
Students will finish reading about Panel 57.

Guided Practice
Students will identify main idea and supporting details from reading.
I will show students slides of other paintings in the series and we will identify theme and sequencing.
Students will do sequence sheet and apply titles in order.
Students will read about the Great Migration and take notes for main idea.
Independent Work
30 min.
Introduce choice board with projects.
Copies of comic strip and poetry worksheet

5 min.
Check notes, vocabulary words and project plan.
Theme reading

Students will summarize learning for the day, showing notes.
Differentiated Learning
Print notes out for students that are slow to write.
Assist students in question formulation and interests for project.
Help students locate accessible text for their reading level.
Supply students with drawing or other materials for project development.
Help student organize information and keep folders.

Attached are the readings and worksheets.

During the lesson I played Jazz from the 30's in I-tunes. The students like it.