Session A 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. (1 Act 48 Hour)
Speaking Out: Testimonies, Elevator Speeches, and More
Debra Kachel, Instructor, Mansfield University; Carol Heinsdorf, Librarian, School District of Philadelphia; Janet Malloy, Field Experience Supervisor, Drexel University
IL: ALL PL: AD KL: INTRO STRAND: Library Administration
Moderator: Maria White, North Penn School District
Learn to speak effectively to parents, administrators, school board members, and legislators. Get advice on what to say and how to say. Learn how to use “talking points” and create an “elevator speech” - a simple, short message expressing your position in about the time it takes to ride an elevator, about thirty seconds to two minutes. Listen to advice from librarians who have testified to the Philadelphia School Reform Commission and met with legislators and other local business people.

3-9-2011 SRC Testimony & docs.
Increase school library services to students in SDP through equity of access throughout the school day to current and adequate school library programming and resources managed by a certified school librarian.
State to the SRC the benefit to students of targeted funding for school library services, including certified librarians, for new and existing Promise Academies and Jackson Elementary School; encourage SRC to target funding for school library programming managed by the certified librarian in a way that principals at the building level will be able to support.

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School Library Reform Proposal 3-9-11
Link Between School Libraries and Student Achievement in the SDP
Economic Benefits of Maximum School Library Services
Fact Sheet--School Libraries in the SDP
21st Century School Library Program
Association of Philadelphia School Librarians information
Letter of support from Dr. Nancy Everhart, President AASL
Press Release 3-11
Press Release Quotes 3-11
Estimated Start-Up Costs for School Libraries
Testimony to SRC 3-9-11
Advocacy Odyssey--Thank you to supporters
APSL--Averette meeting notes 4-8-11
Testimony to SRC 4-13-11
APSL--Averette meeting notes 6/29/11


Advocacy--community meetings
*APSL Meeting at Educational Law Center
Wednesday August 18, 2010
*Meeting with Jerry Jordan, President, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT) at 1816 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, PA 19103
Wednesday August 18, 2010

City Council
Click on link City Council above. The resulting page will allow you to download the presentation made to City Council
at the School District Budget hearing on May 11, 2010.

Philadelphia City Council Information

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City Council Info. Session April 2010

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Association of Philadelphia School Librarians (APSL)
Information Session
Public School Library Services in Philadelphia
April 28, 2010, 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Mishkan Shalom Synagogue

Offenberg and Clark 1998
Impact on Student Achievement As Measured By The Stanford Achievement Test, 9th Edition
Report Prepared by Robert M. Offenberg, Research Associate, and Thomas J. Clark, Director, Research and Evaluation, [School District of Philadelphia, 1998]

“[S]tudent[s] in higher poverty Library Power schools scored higher than expected while students in low poverty schools scored lower than expected. This finding suggests that when mature, Library Power may provide the most benefit for children in high poverty schools.”

School Library Staffing by Region

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[Compiled by J.S. Malloy 1/21/09]

SDP Library Staffing Chart 1987-2009
Click the link below to download a chart delineating the types of library services that are and have been available to students in selected years from 1987 to the current 2008-2009 school year.
Listed on the chart are numbers of
  • certified librarians,
  • Library Instructional Media Assistants (L.I.M.A.s),
  • number of total schools,
  • trained library services available in elementary, middle and high schools.

SDP School Library Changes Dec. 2004 to Oct. 2008
  • The changes listed below are from 12/2004, the last time the SDP School Library Directory was up-dated, to 10/2008, when the SDP Human Resources Seniority List became available for comparison.

  • IT CANNOT BE ASSUMED THAT A SCHOOL LIBRARY OR CERTIFIED LIBRARIAN IS AVAILABLE TO ANY STUDENT AT TIME OF NEED DURING THE SCHOOL DAY. Principals may assign certified librarians to teach classes on a fixed schedule. During those class times the library and certified librarian are not available to the rest of the student body.

Three Year Financial Plan--Re-establishing Libraries

(Certified Librarians, Paraprofessionals, Technology and Books)
in EVERY school in the School District of Philadelphia

Three-Year Financial Plan
funded through
President Obama's Federal Stimulus Plan

Presented to the
School Reform Commission
School District of Philadelphia
440 North Broad Street
April 22, 2009

Parents United for Public Education
Contact: Helen Gym

Philadelphia ACORN
and the
Philadelphia Student Union
Contact: Lauren Jacobs


Rationale: Benefits to students' academic achievement
Lance, Keith Curry, et al. Measuring Up to Standards: The Impact of School Library Programs & Information Literacy in Pennsylvania Schools. PDE, 2000.

Three Year Plan
Unit Costs Of Implementing Library Services With Qualified Staff, Programming And Technology in SDP School Libraries,
2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012
Pennsylvania Guidelines for School Library Programs. Department of Education, Commonwealth Libraries, 2005.