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Association of Philadelphia School Librarians (APSL)

Information Session
Public School Library Services in Philadelphia

April 28, 2010, 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Mishkan Shalom Synagogue
Linda Holtzman, Senior Rabbi
4101 Freeland Avenue (street parking)
Philadelphia, PA 19128


6:30-6:45 Meet and Greet

6:45 Welcome Janet Malloy, President APSL

Presentation [available to download above]

· Research, slide 2
· School library services maximized, slide 3
· What a certified school librarian does, slide 4
· Academic and economic benefits, slides 5-8
· Equity, Imagine 2014; schools with and without certified librarians, slides 9-14
· City Council districts and school libraries, slides 15-39
· Financial plans, slides 40-48
· Missed literacy opportunities [Word Problem], slide 49
·, slide 50
· Action Plan, slide 51
· City Councilpersons' contact information, slide 52

Action Plan:
What City Councilpersons can do--

Advocate during city Council SDP Tax Reauthorization hearings for line items in every school's budget for certified librarians and current, adequate library resources


Close Janet Malloy

Mrs. Janet Malloy, APSL President jsmalloy(at)
Mrs. Carol Heinsdorf, APSL Advocacy cheindorf(at)
Mrs. Susan Landau, Facilitator, Mishkan Teacher, 7th Grade Social Justice