APSL Board Meeting

February 21, 2012



1. Acceptance of Minutes

2. Thanks to:

B. Maiden for hosting our last general membership meeting and sharing her stories and resources with us.

B. Cooke-Kearney for her tireless APSL minutes recording and middle school "Elements of Research" presentation and docs that have been posted on the APSL wiki at


C. Doerrman for her restaurant research for the 40th anniversary dinner research.

M. Diaz for her relentless follow-up on APSL Board nominations.

3. Officers' Reports:



Membership Chair

Vice President

Any other?

4. General Membership Meeting

Tuesday, March 6, 2012 4-6 p.m.

West Philadelphia Promise Academy

4901 Chestnut Street

Phila., PA 19139


Librarian: Tamara Friend Essilfie

Speaker: Christine Sadjian-Peacock

Regional Coordinator

Center for Teaching Excellence

Temple University

1301 Cecil B. Moore Ave.


Ritter Hall Annex- RA460

Philadelphia, Pa. 19122


CTE Website: www.temple.edu/education/CTE

C. Heinsdorf--I have emailed her to confirm the date that we set earlier.

Should I put out a call to any member who would be willing to tell us how kindles and nooks are or can be used in the school library? Short presentation.


Old business:

5. APSL calendar for remainder of school year--

March 6, 2012--General Membership meeting referenced above

Voting for new Board

Nominations for LOY and AOY

March 17, 2012--Digital Collection Workshop with Joyce Valenza at Springfield HS, Montgomery County--see personal email Jan. 23, 2012 [I hope that all Board members have made their reservations. Joyce was concerned at one point that she had mostly suburban responses.]

March 31 through April 8--Spring break

April/May 2012--event with Councilman Green at Campbell's Place Restaurant in Chestnut Hill

May 4, 2012 Board meeting, Penn Alexander?

June 7, 2012 40th Anniversary Dinner

6. 40th anniversary dinner--

Consider price and parking--vote on location.

CA Doerrman make reservations and establish timeline for the following; create and send invitation (please include parking directions);

arrange for entrée selection (if appropriate);

payment arrangements with Tamara;

printed program;


Anything else?

Historical archives and documentation:

Do we have any?

History--B. Maiden, J. Hunter--would you have any ideas for a special something? If not, can we come up with a way to acknowledge the 40 years?

Tamara--LOY and AOY--If we vote on these at the next Board meeting on May 4, will we have enough time to get the plaques made and get commendations from City Hall?

Principal notification

Retiree acknowledgements

7. Magna--Voting for new Board--How is this timeline panning out?

Jayne--According to Robert's Rules, do we need to vote?

8-Social Director Report--M. Tatro

"Hollywood Librarian" Chestnut Hill Library, when, if at all?

9. When should we meet with Councilman Green? April, May?

10. Advocacy--

Did anybody go to any of the superintendent search meetings?

C. Heinsdorf--Deb Grill connected with a LibraryBuild rep. at her last Ed. Compact meeting. As a result, I sent an email to Callie Hammond, founder, inviting her to our general membership meeting. No response yet.

C. Heinsdorf--I testified to the SRC about the State results to the school library survey on the same evening that the budget was presented. No answer.

I emailed Jerry Jordan twice about meeting with him. No response.

11. New Business:

Is there any?

12. Next Board meeting May 4, 2012 Board meeting, Penn Alexander?

LOY and AOY, if we haven't taken care of it already.

Voting for Board, if it will happen, should be completed, correct?

Finalize dinner.

13. General membership meeting

Dinner, see above

14. Move to end meeting.



APSL Meeting
Tuesday, December 6, 2011
Edison High School

Attendance: Carol Heinsdorf, Magna Diaz, ClaireAgnes Doerrman, Linda Esh, Janet Malloy, Bernadette Kearney, Margaret Tatro
, Ed Hepting
, Tamara Friend-Essilfie

I. Evidence of student use of the materials demonstrated at APSL presentations.

I. Thank you for participants from last APSL General Meeting.

II. Compact liaison, Deb Grill, will testify at the meeting for three minutes.
Janet Malloy will meet with Deb Grill next Monday.

III. Vice President report

A. Janet Malloy will order more keychains because they are on sale.
B. SLIM Scholars report:

1. Dennis Creedon is questioning grant concerning substitute service when teachers will go out on practicum. Delia Neuman will deal with this problem.
2. Two students have dropped out; alternatives chosen and
paperwork has been submitted.
C. Janet Malloy will participate in Professional Judgment Panel in Hershey, asked by Deb Kachel
in Hershey
on January 10, 2012. Survey administered by National Leadership Board.

IV. January General Meeting, Carver H.S.

A. Ed Ebert from Follett will give presentations on ebooks.
Bernadette Kearney will do elementary school research.
Brenda Maiden will do Senior Projects;
Bernadette Kearney will do elementary school research.
C. Nominating of librarian and administrator of the year presentation
-T. Friend-Essilfie & ClaireAgnes Doerrman
D. Report from Janet Malloy on Professional Judgment Panel meeting.

V. Historical Documents

A. Jayne suggested storing information digitally.
B. Going green requires paper record.
C. Plans for 40th Anniversary dinner acknowledge presidents, etc. from 1972.
Who has this information?
C. Janet Malloy will order and pick up hoagies from Primo’sLinda Esh will buy two cases of water. V. Historical Documen
VI. Social Networking

A. Bill Green event at Campbell’s Restaurant in Chestnut Hill, early March— can we have enough participants? Suggestion to tie into a bigger organization. PFT?
B. ezine is finished but not yet posted. Jayne has the ezine to post.
C. “Hollywood Librarian” film at Chestnut Hill Library. Margaret Tatro will ask for a day in May.

VII. Digital Collection Development—5 hours

A. Confirmation of professional development hours.
B. Request use of Drexel facilities
C. Trainers: Joyce Valenza (first choice); Sharon Nardelli (second)

VIII. Next Board meeting, Tuesday, Feb. 21st, 7 pm on Skype

A. General Meeting: West Philadelphia H.S. Library, 4901 Chestnut St.,
March 6th.
B. Appeal for nominations for principal and librarian of the year.

IX. Request district person to inform us about use of ipads, kindles,nooks in the School District.

X. Treasurer’s Report
We will be able to cover the gifts. Fifty/fifty will continue.


APSL Board meeting
August 15, 2011 1 p.m.-3 p.m.

Attending: J. Malloy, C. Heinsdorf, L. Esh, M. Tatro, J. Downing, T. Friend
Not attending: M. Plotkin, B. Wray, C. Reed, H. Doner

Constitutional reminder--Members of the Executive Board must not miss three (3) consecutive meetings (including General Membership and Executive Board)].

Reports of Officers:

Minutes--B. Cooke-Kearny ["custodian of the records of the Association"--maybe former paper records, but is that the old days? Does the Constitution need to be updated on this point?]
Membership--J. Downing
Treasurer--T. Friend Essilfie [give receipts for all dues]
Vice President--J. Malloy
Recording Secretary--M. Diaz

Old business:
APSL uses personal email accounts for notifications. Check it regularly!!
Lynn Moses retirement acknowledgement
APSL History report--B. Maiden and J. Hunter
Retiree report--T. Weinraub
Drexel report--J. Malloy
Social director--M. Tatro
Is Skype still the best way to meet online?
Reported at August 2010 meeting--needs follow-up?-- Paul Addis: Member of the Free Library of Philadelphia Board – desires to join hands with School librarians for stronger alliance and to promote libraries.
Advocacy report: Connie Sung is now attending law school (Harvard). New contact with Education Law Center is Brett Schaeffer.
C. Doermann--Democratic meeting report
More old business?

New business:
Courtesy membership requested by D. Neuman for Caitlin Gerrity, DU Graduate Assistant; extended by C. Heinsdorf
Accepted resignation of J. Davis
BRIEF discussion of teacher-librarian assignments
K. Bell--Fels
D. Lenet--Palumbo
A. Williams--Cramp
J. James--Creighton
W. Moody (formerly Lamberton HS)--retired

[All LIMAs were placed in LIMA positions.]
Meet with Ms. Averette at 440 in September 2011 to discuss this
Informal report of situation to Barbara Goodman at PFT
Strategy session with B. Kintisch, ELC, in the works

Committee for Board nominations and voting
Chair and committee members:
Timeline and activities:
Article VI: Elections Method and Timeline
Section 1. Each officer shall be elected biennially, in the Spring of even numbered years. The calendar used for determination of dates shall be that of the School District of Philadelphia.
Section 2. A Nominating Committee to be appointed by the Executive Board will accept nominations and certify eligibility of nominees. No elected President or Vice President may serve in the same position for more than two consecutive terms.
Section 3. Voting for officers shall be by a two-envelope ballot system to preserve anonymity and to determine that all voting members have exercised their rights to vote. The first envelope shall contain the ballot. This is to be placed in the second envelope, which the voting member shall sign.
Section 4. Ballots will be mailed by the first school day of March.
Section 5. The nominating committee will count the ballots on the first school day of April. Any member wishing to observe the counting of the ballots may do so.
Section 6. Election results will be published by the first school day in May.
Section 7. In the event of a tie, that section of the ballot shall be recast.
Section 8. Terms of office shall begin at the close of the June meeting.
Section 9. The Membership Chair will maintain the official ballot count for the duration of the newly elected Board members term of office. Such ballot count will be considered in the event that an officer or member at large should need to be replaced (unless otherwise specified).

Dates, locations, and content for general membership meetings:

Content suggestions--Senior projects, NB certification, ebooks, guests--vendor or speaker(?) New technology to be introduced to membership? M. Tatro--any suggestions from last year's survey? Other?

Location and time:
Budget prep mailing with general membership volunteers?
Membership--J. Downing
Education First Compact meeting?--Deb Grill
50/50--Brenda Maiden

Location and time:

Location and time:

Board Meetings
Location and time:

Location and time:

Location and time:

Dinner prep:
Location and time:.

Committee members, including program, invitation:
Location suggestions:
Price, parking

Nominating committee for LOY and Admin of Yr.:

Chair and members:


City Council citations:

Principal notification:


Retiree acknowledgements:


LOY and Principal of the Year:
Librarian of the Year
·Must be a current member of APSL; cannot be a Board member.
·Nominator must be a voting member of APSL.

·Call for nominations.
·Persons nominated have to agree to nomination.
·Nominations must be accompanied by a written recommendation from the nominator.
·The Board will consider nominations. The Board will then vote on the nominations and a simple majority of those in attendance will determine the winner. Board members unable to attend this meeting should make arrangements to vote by proxy if they desire to help determine a winner.
·The process must be completed in sufficient time for the winner to be presented to the membership at the June general membership meeting. The winner will hold the position for the following school year.

Administrator of the Year
·Administrator of the Year is a special designation that does not require a candidate each year.
·Candidate(s) nominated by voting member of APSL.

·Call for nominations.
·Nominations must be accompanied by a written recommendation from the nominator.
·The Board will consider nominations. The Board will then vote on the nominations and a simple majority of those in attendance will determine if the candidate receives the award. Board members unable to attend this meeting should make arrangements to vote by proxy, if they desire to help determine a winner.
·The process must be completed in sufficient time for the winner to be presented to the membership at the June general membership meeting. The winner will hold the position for the following school year.

Other new business:

Move to end meeting:
Adjourned at

President's notes from the Board meeting:
APSL Winter Board Meeting
Date: Tuesday, January 4, 2011, 4 p.m.
Location: Carver HS of Engineering and Science
Librarian: Brenda Maiden

Attendance: B. Maiden, C. Heinsdorf, J. Malloy, L. Esh, C. Doermann, T. Friend, J. Davis, M. Tatro
Absent: M. Bradley (Robotics), J. Downing (via email), M. Diaz, E. Hepting, H. Doner, B. Wray, T. Weinraub, M. Plotkin
Budget prep. mailing:
13 Board members each need to bring 20 pony envelopes, please, for a total of 260 envelopes.
Labels provided by J. Malloy
School Libraries Work! provided by J. Malloy and C. Doermann.
Cover letter written by C. Heinsdorf, photocopied by J. Malloy
Before official meeting starts at or before 4:30 p.m., those arriving early can please begin stuffing pony envelopes to principals, each with a copy of School Libraries Work! and the cover letter. The faster we get the task done, the more time we will have to attend to the business below. If the situation at Carver is not amenable to 260 pony envelopes going out of the office, each Board member kindly take 20 back to your school with you to put in your pony. Thanks. CWH
Accomplished. Took an hour. Ponied from Carver. J. Malloy will request up to 50 more copies of School Libraries Work! both to complete the mailing and to have to share with ELC and community organizations.
Meeting called to order at 5 p.m. by C. Heinsdorf
Thanks to:
J. Hunter for an excellent presentation at the Fall General Membership Meeting.
B. Maiden for her much appreciated 50-50 endeavor. We look forward to the next one.
J. Malloy for her representation of APSL in the grant selection process at Drexel. Report--Delia Neumann will replace J. Malloy on the agenda of the next general membership meeting with expectation of announcing names of 10 persons receiving iSchool scholarships.
Also, thanks to J. Malloy for the pony labels and copying and formatting of the principals' cover letter. Who can print out labels in the future? Ans. B. Maiden
M. Tatro for a fun afternoon at the Maxwell Mansion. Report, including prior survey results. Discussion--possibilities include but not limited to--movie night at local FLP library; trip to Schomberg Center NYC; 3/9/11 FLP Main Branch Talk about It!:Take Back Phila. Schools, M. Tatro and others will investigate options further.
M. Diaz for sending letters and cards.
J. Downing for handling membership, working to up-date the APSL web page and taking photos at the press conference. Membership and web page report.
H. Doner for establishing APSL's presence with the PFT.
J. Davis for hosting us (more than once!) and attending the Philadelphia Student Union meeting. Report.
General membership meeting finalized:
Wednesday, January 12, 2011, 4 p.m., Carver HS
· Agenda in process
· B. Maiden--Prepared? Need anything?
o Will you be able to handle the 50-50, or would you prefer that someone else do it for you or help you?
o Ans.—T. Friend will do it this time
· Volunteer for a 15-minute mini-tech presentation? Ans. J. Malloy will present Schmoodle beginning about 4:15-4:20 p.m., before presentation.
· Light refreshments provided by Ms. Azar.
· [This may be usurped by R. Nocito commenting on the pre-observation form.]
Process and prep for LOY:
Review guidelines, including who qualifies
Notice sent via email to nominators about qualifications and that the process is open--Who will do this?
Date of decision--Board meeting Tues., April 12, 2011, Masterman
Awardee notification process--president notifies principal
Plaque ordered and delivered [by whom] to dinner on June 2, 2010. Location TBA—Ask B. Kearney to order and deliver plaque.
Post guidelines on-line [where?] for perpetuity.
Actions—Nomination Committee formed, headed by T. Essifee (formerly T. Friend—Congratulations on your marriage!) assisted by J. Malloy, J. Davis, M. Tatro, B. Maiden. Assignment—Detail the process in writing; provide to J. Downing to post on the web page for perpetuity. Attend to the process.
Prep for Admin. of Year
Do we want to consider this award this year?
Procedure same as above.
Action-- This year the LOY committee will take care of Administrator of the Year.
Prep for dinner:
· June 2, 2011. Board volunteers present findings so that we can decide among four locations: Maggiano's, Greek place on Montgomery Ave., Franko's, Luminaire
· Cost?
· Design of invitation? Program?
· Send invitation via email? [Who will do this?] With printout of return reservation sent to Tamara?
· If sending out a printed invitation is preferred, that will have to happen at the next Board meeting. Membership mailing labels, photocopied invitations, envelopes would be needed.
· MAKE RESERVATION-- Tamara? [for about how many, or when do they need to know? Deadline on invitation for sending in check.]
Actions—L. Esh head of committee. Ask at General Membership meeting for committee members. L. Esh get information about Franko’s, B. Maiden get info. about Greek place on Montgomery Avenue, including menu, parking situation and cost of each. Decision and reservation needs to be made ASAP for June 2, 2011. Program will be designed and printed by B. Maiden; invitation with return reservation to be sent to T. Essifee designed, printed and sent out by M. Diaz. Retirees acknowledged. Names needed, inc. J. Malloy, C. Wester [T. Weinraub ?]
Community liaisons needed!
Engage senior director in conversation; inquire about initiatives [Decide if it is a good fit. If so, then]; email or snail mail information, or both [get address(es)]; ask if willing to inform/educate their constituency about student need for quality school library services--can use printed information sheets. Goal is to get the organization's endorsement to be added to any presentation made to SRC.
According to Connie Sung, ELC--"The following would all be great organizations to conduct meetings with (perhaps two APSL people to go together, as Baruch mentioned), get strategy suggestions, get position statement endorsements, and most importantly, build a lasting relationship (find out how APSL can help them, too)."
Community Liaisons needed for:
ACTION United http://actionunited.org/node/784
William Browning (dwbrowning@pcochange.org)
Craig Robbins (crobbins61@gmail.com; Cell 215-917-1701)
Action--C. Doermann volunteered for this group.
Parents United for Public Ed
Helen Gym (HGBF@aol.com; Work 215-808-1400)
C. Heinsdorf volunteered for this group.
JUNTOS http://www.schoolvictories.org/content/five-questions-zac-steele-juntos, http://www.vamosjuntos.org/english/
Zac Steele (noneuclid@hotmail.com; Work 215-218-9079) *NOTE: Best to contact JUNTOS before contacting SEAMAAC… if Zac’s interested in meeting, ask him if it would be better to do a joint meeting with Thoai from SEAMAAC (below)
C. Heinsdorf volunteered for these groups.

SEAMAAC http://www.seamaac.org/
Thoai Nguyen (nguyent@seamaac.org) *I’m told his full name is phonetically pronounced “Toy Win”
Youth United for Change--Edison, Kensington, Mastbaum, Olney (East and West) http://www.youthunitedforchange.org/
Fred Ginyard (fred@yucyouth.org)
Edurne Irizarry (edurne@yucyouth.org) *Note: Edurne is the daughter of SRC member Johnny Irizarry
Community liaison job description "lost." (That's technology for you!) Replace wording.
2011 (one year) as try-out, then every two years, which would put the renewal on off-election years for APSL, providing carry-over. Review of accomplishments at end of term. Desire to continue or discontinue in volunteer capacity.
Treasurer's report--T. Friend
Discussion of refreshments from Frank's Family Deli <http://franksdeliandcatering.com/>
for general membership meetings
Discussion of membership fee—recommended that vote be taken to increase membership to $20 for certified librarians. What about other membership categories?
Deb Grill's latest report from Education First Compact meeting in November:
"Beth Olanoff from the Office of Policy, Pa. Dept. of Ed. spoke about the likely effect of the new administration on education initiatives. It doesn't look good."
APSL History report—B. Maiden with J. Hunter
How can we help?
Put on agenda for announcement at General Membership meeting.
Retiree report—T. Weinraub--absent
How can we help?
New business:
Drexel grant update—J. Malloy—Discussion of APSL membership for iSchool grant recipients. (Implied expectation that they would take the initiative to become members.)
J. Malloy at this time suggested that the HR list be used to create a phone relay. C. Heinsdorf will work on this.
April general membership meeting--Barbara Mattleman from the Mayor's Education Office to present PhillyGoes2College--J. Malloy will first introduce SchoolNet
Speaker for June dinner--Paul Langan
How to arrange the program? [Question not answered at this meeting.]
ELC up-date--latest meeting with B. Kintisch and C. Sung. New documentation suggested and returned; imperative to meet with organization leaders above to scope out their support, educate their own constituents and eventually ask for endorsement and physical presence at SRC meeting presentation.
Board resignation--L. Burton—accepted. C. Heinsdorf will notify.
Leave of Absence from Board to be requested of those whose after-school activities preclude their attendance at APSL meetings.
Daily News letter--D. Tales
Barbara Goodman appreciated the thanks
B. Goodman and D. Tales have asked to be added to APSL listserv
HR list 11/12/10 Right to Know request granted in late 12/10
Outreach to Drexel new grant students--free one-year APSL membership commencing upon their first attendance. Short discussion.
Green outreach letter
Board succession--any ideas to facilitate this?—Needs some thought. NO answers at this time.
Quick question--Where was Rachelle going with the discussion about certified librarians needing to be in the library during lunch periods? What was the context? Was there to be follow-up? Ans. J. Davis clarified context. With lunches stretching over several hours, how are librarians teaching students when they are in the library during this time? R. Nocito simply proposed this question, which originated with L. McGee.
Meeting adjourned at 6:09. J. Malloy moved to adjourn, seconded by B. Maiden.

Date --January 12, 2011, Wednesday
Content: Proquest booktalks--arrangements, B. Maiden
50-50--B. Maiden

Executive Board membership meeting dates, locations, and content:

Date--September 28, 2010, 4:00 p.m.
Location-Edison High School
Magna M Diaz
Bilingual School Librarian
Thomas Edison High School* John C. Fareira Skill Center
151 West Luzerne Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140
215.324.9599 ext. 2290

Present: M. Diaz, H. Doner, C. Heinsdorf, J. Malloy, C. Doerrman, E. Heptiing, J. Davis, B. Maiden, T. Friend, B. Kearney, L. Esh, M. Plotkin,
Absent: L. Burton, M. Bradley, J. Downing, C. Reed, J. Hunter, M. Tatro, B. Wray

Minutes from last meeting should have been edited as needed via the wiki Action--no comment, [CWH]
Fall general membership meeting agenda should have been reviewed via email sent 9/19/10 for 10/5/2010, University City High School Action--no comments. [CWH]

Fall General Membership Meeting

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
University City High School--Julie Davis, Librarian
4 o’clock p.m.

Refreshments available


Jackie Hunter, Librarian & TTL

Wilson Middle School
Topic: Technology to Enhance Librarianship
Demonstrations of the latest and most useful advances

Selected agenda items:
Introduction of New Board Members
Introduction of Volunteer Coordinators--Janet Malloy

Activity Overview & Survey--Margaret Tatro
Membership--APSL, PSLA--Jayne Downing
Introduce PSLA Ready, Set, Contact!--Carol Heinsdorf
Advocacy Overview--Deb Grill, retiree
Fifty-Fifty Winner--Brenda Maiden
Presentation--Jackie Hunter

3601 Filbert Street--street parking
Philadelphia, PA 19104
215-387-5100 ext. 2411

Presenter and mini-presenters need anything?
J. Hunter--Need anything? In touch with J. Davis about connection, screen, etc.? Action--J.Davis has everything. [CWH]
J. Malloy-- Volunteers lined up for introductions? (Vacancies to advertise.) Action--ready [CWH]
M. Tatro--Suggestions/ideas ready to present orally to get members' mental juices flowing. 3 x 5s for members' suggestions for about activities. (Could you also ask for suggestions about presenters, authors? Remember to have suggesters sign name on card for follow-up.) [absent] [CWH]
J. Downing--Okay for membership announcements? [absent] [CWH]
B. Maiden--R-r-r-ready for Fifty-Fifty??? (Possible to get them as they come in the door?) Action--Ready! Discussion--$1 each ticket, 6 for $5. [CWH]

Old business:
*Approve Volunteer Ambassador position <http://apsl.wikispaces.com/Volunteer+opportunities> Action--Approved [CWH].
*Report from Deb Grill's visit Action--reported. [CWH]
J. Malloy--Still needed--volunteers for Ambassadors, Home and School Liaison, Legislative Aide Action--will do! [CWH]
C, Heinsdorf--When should volunteer positions be renewed initially and then thereafter? 2011 (one year) as try-out, then every two years, which would put the renewal on off-elections years for APSL, providing carry-over? 2012, making renewal concurrent with Board elections? Review of accomplishments at end of term. Desire to continue or discontinue in volunteer capacity.
Action--Approved--Renewal/change in odd calendar years [Board elections held in the spring of even years.] [CWH]

End-of-Year Dinner--need date, May or June 2011?
Committee to form--investigate locations, menus, prices--make recommendation at next Board meeting
Action--Date--June 2, 2011. Four locations (Maggiano's, Greek place on Montgomery Ave., Franko's, Luminaire) will be investigated for decision at January Board meeting. [CWH]

M. Plotkin--report on Paul Langan, Townsend Press speaker Action--will follow up [CWH]
C. Heinsdorf--report on Pat Kindermann, Embracing the Child speaker Action--not available [CWH]

J. Malloy--Anything worth pursuing with Odson from Drexel Action--needs advance notice to work out. [CWH]
Addis from FLP Board? Action--Not worth pursuing [CWH]

Winter board meeting:
Date--January 4, 2011, Tuesday
Mini-tech presentation?
Prep for LOY
Prep for Admin. of Year
Prep for dinner
Prepare mailing of School Libraries Work! to principals with cover letter.
Action--C. Doerrman and J. Malloy will bring booklets to meeting. J; Malloy will work out pony labels and has ideas for cover letter. All Board members are to bring 20 pony envelopes to the meeting. [CWH]

Winter general membership meeting:
Date --January 12, 2011, Wednesday, 4 p.m.
Content: Proquest booktalks--arrangements, B. Maiden Action--B. Maiden will arrange this. [CWH]
50-50--B. Maiden

New business:
*Thank you letter for Lynn Moses Action--Signed and mailed. [CWH]
*Distribution and explanation of PSLA Ready, Set, Contact! Action--Card reviewed. D. Kachel emailed that she would be creating a YouTube video to help explain use of the card. [CWH]
*Distribution and discussion of one-pager Action--Board members to read and comment via email. [CWH]
J. Hunter and B. Maiden--report on APSL History progress or help needed gathering info Action--will do so after J. Hunter presents at General Membership meeting on Oct. 5, 2010. [CWH]
T. Weinraub--retiree contact accomplishments [absent]
*M. Kroch--anything requiring attention among LIMAs? Action--received no response this time. [CWH]
J. Sage has 200 books in her basement. Any suggestions? Action--Email J. Sage directly at Whimsical Sage web site. [CWH]
Anything else?
Action--Discussion of certified librarians teaching outside of area of certification. What does the PFT contract say? After answer is found to the question, APSL members will be informed, as needed. [CWH]

Membership Chair report--J. Downing [absent] [CWH]
Treasurer's report--T. Friend Action taken [CWH]

P.S. Colleagues, my apologies. I used the Board minutes as they were to create the agenda for the fall Board meeting. Next time I will COPY the minutes and embellish the copy, rather than working from the original! Archiving of minutes will solve this situation in the future. CWH

APSL August Board meeting
Tuesday, August 24, 2010, 10:00 a.m.
Swenson Arts and Technology High School
2750 Red Lion Road
Philadelphia, PA 19114-1014
(215) 961-2009

Present: J. Malloy, C. Heinsdorf, L. Esh, M. Tatro, B. Maiden, M. Plotkin, B. Kearney, T. Friend, J. Hunter, J. Downing
Absent: C. Doerrman, M. Diaz, L. Burton, M. Bradley, E. Hepting, H. Doner, C. Reed
No response: B. Wray, J. Davis
R. Nocito declined the invitation to attend. Her message was forwarded via email to Board members.

General Membership meeting dates and locations:

Date--October 5, 2010, Tuesday
Location-Central (Action: J. Malloy will contact L. Burton for ok)--CHANGED--SEE ABOVE. CWH
Content-Mini-tech presentation (at every meeting)--googledocs; podcasting; online projects, United Streaming.
J. Hunter will introduce computer application.
Paper for suggestions from members for content of future general membership meetings, inc. authors and speakers.
50-50--B. Maiden

Date --January 12, 2011, Wednesday
Content: Proquest booktalks--arrangements, B. Maiden
50-50--B. Maiden

Date --April 12, 2011, Tuesday
50-50--B. Maiden

End of year dinner
Date --May 2011

Executive Board membership meeting dates, locations, and content:
Date--September 28, 2010
Location-Anne Frank--CHANGED--SEE ABOVE. CWH

Date--January 4, 2011, Tuesday
Mini-tech presentation?
Prep for LOY
Prep for Admin. of Year
Prep for dinner
Prepare mailing of School Libraries Work! to principals with cover letter.

Date--April 6, 2011, Wednesday
Location-Juniata Park Academy

End of year dinner
Date--change to May 2011, rather than June?

At which events would we want to do a fifty-fifty? Who has supplies?
--Conducted at general membership meeting
--Conducted by B. Maiden; she will supply materials

Suggested tech mini-presentations:
Google docs
Follow-up on podcasts--Has anyone made one to show?

Suggested guest speakers:
Paul Langan has contributed to a number of Townsend Press textbooks. He is also an author, co-author, and editor for the Bluford Series, TP’s popular collection of young adult novels.
Renee Hobbs, Temple University
http://www.philly.com/ dailynews/opinion/20100719_ Temple_professor_Renee_Hobbs__ A_computer_doesn_t_make_kids_ smart.html

Pat Kindermann, web master for Embracing the Child

To open pathway to Paul Langan and Pat Kindermann to speak at general membership meetings or end-of-year dinner volunteers will write an introductory letter: Langan (M. Plotkin) and Kindermann (C. Heinsdorf). These authors may not charge.

Download SKYPE so that we can have online discussion about immediate business in months we do not have Executive Board Meetings.

Old business:
Stuff envelopes for membership.
J. Malloy--please provide mailing labels marked "PONY"
J. Downing-please provide membership forms
C. Heinsdorf--will provide purchased business size envelopes
Will be ponied from Swenson.
J. Downing--Has database of former librarians been shared with T. Weinraub yet? Thanks.

J.Downing--web page

J. Malloy received email from K. Odsom asking about librarians with libraries that would benefit from library student volunteers for about four hours a week. Friday afternoons. Work this summer or fall. How has this worked?
J. Malloy said A. Murtha needed help at Fels, but J. Malloy get feedback; M.Tatro's group said they needed more notice.

On the agenda from 8/09. Paul Addis: Member of the Free Library of Philadelphia Board – desires to join hands with school librarians for stronger alliance and to promote libraries. What has become of this potential partnership?
J. Malloy emailed Addis and will follow up.

New business:
Board discussion and vote on <http://apsl.wikispaces.com/Volunteer+opportunities>
If passed, would any Board members want to take on any of these remaining jobs?
Volunteer coordinator-J. Malloy

Social Director-M. Tatro; if refreshments were part of the activity, that job would need to be picked up by another person.
Report on retiree contacts- T. Weinraub
Historian-J. Hunter & B. Maiden
Home and School liason-volunteer needed
Non-certified library staff-M. Kroch
Technology coordinator-J. Downing
Constitutional parliamentarian-volunteer needed
Advocacy coordinator-J. Malloy

Web page: (J. Downing)
Executive Meeting minutes should not be on the minutes.
Agenda can be up for public view.
Some of the information from old website will be carried over to new website.
For public view: purpose, mission, specific goal(s)
Officers: need list of past presidents; past Irene Garson Award winners
Links: wiki-separate or link page? should we put the wiki on advocacy page?
Photo gallery: need photos from other souces.
Contact for information: J. Downing
Minutes share page with APSL store. Applied for permission to have this online with fee waived.
Website is on Wordpress for immediate access. Wordpress is free and sits on top of Blue Host which is paid for.

J. Downing opened a Twitter account. APSL.live

Answer these thorny questions for APSL advocacy statement:
Brian Armstead from Philadelphia Education Fund was helpful with this advocacy statement. J. Downing suggests bulleted one page list that summarizes bulk of information to assure that person assisting us is not overwhelmed.
Why is a school librarian needed? What does this professional add to the success of a student's academic achievement?
No money for library program in school. Why fund this? From where can that money come?
Why should a librarian be hired instead of another classroom teacher?
Why should school library services be mandated instead of left to the principal's discretion?
Figures for Philadelphia that show how school librarians impact low achieving students, economically disadvantaged students, physically and emotionally challenged students, etc.

Consider suggestions for actions made by Baruch Kintisch regarding "Evidence that librarians increase academic achievement."
Evidence that librarians increase academic achievement
Suggestions to APSL Board, 8/24/2010

To develop the one-pager suggested by Brian Armstead (effect on AYP, test scores in grades 3, 6, 8, 11, among minority and special needs students), to show how school libraries/librarians increase academic achievement, Baruch Kintisch suggested the following:

(1) Someone could look at the national research correlating libraries with achievement. Do any of those studies show breakdowns for student subgroups by disability, poverty, etc.? Perhaps you could assign a member to work with PSLA on this.

(2) Rank the Philly schools based on PSSA scores (and also PSSA improvement over time) and identify which ones have the strongest library programs. Could one of your members do this? I can send them a spreadsheet to get started.

(3) Collect stories and examples about this issue from your members. Develop a short survey to elicit this information. Consider using SchoolVictories.org to document things with stories, photos, and links.

J. Downing comments that this information does not fit in one-pager.
M. Plotkin suggests using national averages because we do not have specific Philadelphia statistics.
C. Heinsdorf suggests using just four or five statements we can make and be certain about. Perhaps look at only the high school because the high school librarians do not usually cover prep periods. What is the most efficient way we can show this information. D. Grill will be going to compact meeting on 9/2/10 and requires information.These librarians will tie in reading levels to AYP or preparation for middle school, high school, or college.
M. Plotkin-middle grade statistics; T. Friend-grade 5; J. Malloy and B. Maiden-grade 11.
C. Heinsdorf sent out "thorny questions" to retirees and got good responses. Answers to these questions will be on reverse of one pager.
M. Plotkin suggests Information on Fully Functioning Library and Librarian followed by statistics.
B. Maiden suggests documentation from Middle States Accreditation lauding Carver's School Library.
J. Malloy created "Dottie," a huge map showing the locations and dispositions of library staffing throughout the SDP (green--librarian; yellow--LIMA; red--no trained staff). Discussion of how this striking visual can be reduced to a one page representation. B. Maiden suggested that the one-page picture be the cover of any advocacy folder. J. Downing can provide a photo to C. Heinsdorf to work from.

[L]et's start the year with a collection in Learning and Media of six-word statements about what your hopes and plans are for the 2010-11 school year. If you want to give it a try, send your six-word statement to Ray Barber at rwbarber(at)gmail.com

Should APSL have a Facebook page?No

Please download Skype in the event we have to have a Board meeting electronically.

Does APSL want to write a response to Ms. Weingarten to thank her for bringing attention to closed libraries?
ACTION: Ask M. Diaz to write to her.

Distribute tri-fold cards from D. Kachel.

Advocacy--Education Law Center meetings with both community leaders and PFT leadership in August 2010. Notes
Met with Brian Armstead (PEF) for paperwork info; Lauren Jacobs talked about necessity for individual meetings and collaborations. Pick an organization where you will be the liason.

C. Heinsdorf met with Jerry Jordan and asked what we need to do to be successful. Many of the suggestions we have tried and not met with success, but this situation underscores the need to make "strategic partnerships" with influential people who will back us up. J. Malloy asked what Jerry Jordan thought of "Dotty" the map that shows the disbursement of certified librarians in the school district emphasizing the lack of school librarians in underprivileged areas.Mr. Jordan has it in his office.

Membership attend PFT Labor Day Parade

Annual Labor Day Parade & Family Festival
Monday, September 6 -10 a.m.-3 p.m.
March with your PFT friends and colleagues
Parade begins 10 am at Sheet Metal Workers' Union Hall, 1301 S. Columbus
Ends at the family festival at Penn's Landing Great Plaza
Free food, music, games & more for PFT families who march in the parade!

Any Information from PSLA? New listserv notification via email on 8/9/10 from N. S. Latanision at <nanka5(at)ptd.net>
Follow-up encouraging APSL Board members to sign up, if not already included, emailed 8/17/2010.

L. M. Moses | School Library Development Advisor for PA retired on 8/13/10. Any discussion? Letter to her from APSL for years of dedicated service?
ACTION: M. Diaz will write a letter to L. Moses.

What changes have been made to library staffing for the upcoming year that we know of?
M. Tatro-Strawberry Mansion
K. Long-Bok
D. Beaks-Steele?
J. Simpson-Fels

C. Heinsdorf suggests electronic membership sent to alternative email accounts of past members.
B. Maiden suggests maintaining paper applications for members as an easier method.
Check your alternate email account regularly! It will be the primary APSL communication tool this school year.
Download Skype in preparation for electronic Board meetings.

APSL Board meeting
May 18, 2010
Attendance: J. Malloy, M. Diaz, T. Friend, M. Tatro, C. Heinsdorf,
T. Weinraub, B. Kearney, J. Downing, B. Maiden, L. Esh

I. Irene Garson School Librarian Award: E. Hepting, Lincoln H.S.;
J. Malloy will call the principal of Lincoln and announce that E. Hepting will be librarian of the year.
A. Plaque: Spike's Trophies for librarian and administrator -- B. Kearney
B. Proclamation: Call representative for proclamations for librarian (Krajewski)--M.Diaz; and administrator (O'Neill).--J. Malloy
II. Administrator of the year: D. Kipphut, Swenson. J. Malloy will tell her administrator.
III. Discussion on seniority list for librarians. J. Malloy will ask L. Harris (PFT) for it and cc Jerry Jordan.
IV. Annual end-of-the-year dinner, June 2d:
A. Flyer-J. Malloy will email flyer, pending approval, M. Diaz will mail out flyers.
B. Program--B. Maiden; J. Malloy will send her information.
C. Retirees-A. Martha; J. Michaelchuck; [J. Phillips-not APSL member]; C. Ellis; S. Hall
D. Dinner on APSL for librarian and administrator. Retirees will pay for their own dinners. Additional dinners for D. Kachel & B. Kintisch.
E. Boutonnières for E. Hepting and D. Kipphut.
F. Retirees--key chains (J. Malloy) & six coffee cups (B. Maiden).
G. Tickets--raffle off books (T. Weinraub); J. Malloy has books; Ask E. Ebert if he has anything we can give away.
H. Parking near the sidewalk and perimeter, not in the front of the store.
V. Drexel student volunteer program for 2010/11.
A. J. Malloy received email from K. Odson asking about librarians with libraries that would benefit from library student volunteers for about four hours a week. Friday afternoons. Work this summer or fall.
B. Response: J. Malloy will email librarians to ask who needs help.
VI. Advocacy update. B. Kintisch - lawyer with Education Law Center, interested in getting certified librarians into school libraries. Advises having a small group of 10-12 volunteers to line up supporters to whom we can address our needs and agree with our needs. Suggests linking with civic groups for support. School libraries could be the theme for the focus groups.
Invitations to D. Kachel and B. Kintisch for annual dinner.
Small group should be available in ad hoc committee; volunteer retiree who coordinates this group. C. Heinsdorf has an old copy of list of retirees that she will send to Jayne to add to database.
VII. Treasury Report: expenses were refreshments for APSL meeting and deposit end of the year dinner. Final balance $818.36.
Suggestion of a 50/50 in the future for fund raising.
VIII. Election report.
A. C. Heinsdorf- new president
B. T. Weinraub- leaving the board
C. J. Malloy--kudos for a great past president.
D. Invitations to all librarians and LIMAs to dinner as a way to boost membership.
IX. Membership report
Membership applications available at dinner for all who want to join.
X. APSL website
J. Downing wants any revisions or new items for website by June 5, 2010.
XI. Meeting as a board--August TBA. Possibility: room at 440 N. Broad St.
C. Heinsdorf needs to pick a school.
Respectfully submitted,
Bernadette Kearney
May 18, 2010

APSL Executive Board Meeting
Skyped session:
April 6, 2010

7:30 pm.
Attending session: L. Esh, J. Downing, T. Friend, S. Hall, C. Heinsdorf, J. Hunter, J. Malloy, T. Weinraub
APSL Elections
We are still working at getting a few more names for the upcoming elections. Tamara and Sue will contact those nominated to make certain that they have been contacted and agreed to run for position. There seemed to be some confusion as to whether people had been contacted prior to their names being placed on the ballot. We are working at clarifying any confusion in this matter.
Ballot will be printed and handed out to members at the upcoming general membership meeting. Those not attending will have their ballots mailed to them. (via pony or usmail).
Ballots sent through the pony will be sent to…??? ….for collection. All ballots must be returned by….???
Ballots will be opened by selected members of APSL at a date/place (yet to be determined)

Meeting at Mishkan Shalom Synagogue April 28
Due to City Council’s unresponsive effort to meet with APSL representatives, we have arranged to have a meeting at Mishkan Shalom Synagogue on
April 28th at 6:30. City Council members and their reps have been invited. APSL members have been made aware of this meeting and asked to attend this session through their alternative email accounts.

APSL meeting @ Masterman on April 13
Flyers have been sent out to members as well as email messages sent to members about the upcoming meeting at Masterman on April 13th.
Agenda will include:
Distribution of APSL election ballots.
Info on LOY award nomination(s)
APSL Constitution amendment vote
Web 2.0 (WordPress presentation/participation)
Survey on What do we want/need from APSL.
Meeting was adjourned at 9pm.
Notes submitted by JSMalloy
April 6, 2010

Notes from APSL Executive Board Meeting
Monday, February 8, 2010, 4 p.m.
via Skype conference call

In attendance: J. Malloy, B. Kearney, C. Heinsdorf


Council visits:
No visits have been completed as of meeting. Janet’s meeting with Councilman Green has been rescheduled twice already. Will discuss meetings as visits occur. (Possibly via alternative email?)

Librarians and the Contract (letter to PFT):
Letter to Jerry Jordan regarding disappointing contract language. Janet will mail letter on APSL letterhead requesting a meeting with him to discuss the contract language.
(Letter will be attached with email)

Election process:
This needs to get underway. Nominations need to be submitted to M. Plotkin and L. Burton for APSL Elections. Suggest that we have email sent out to membership soon. Janet will contact Magna and ask that she put out a message to members. Nomination forms to be put in pony as well? Seems to take much longer but not everyone checks his or her email. Suggestion made that nominations be green--and if people object, they can let you know by email?!?! Janet will post reminder on wiki. Have Jayne post on APSL web site.

LOY and Principal of the Year:
Librarian of the Year and Principal of the Year
Qualifications and process were determined.

Librarian of the Year
Must be a current member of APSL; cannot be a Board member.
Nominator must be a voting member of APSL.
Call for nominations.
Persons nominated have to agree to nomination.
Nominations must be accompanied by a written recommendation from the nominator.
The Board will consider nominations. The Board will then vote on the nominations and a simple majority of those in attendance will determine the winner. Board members unable to attend this meeting should make arrangements to vote by proxy if they desire to help determine a winner.
The process must be completed in sufficient time for the winner to be presented to the membership at the June general membership meeting. The winner will hold the position for the following school year.

Principal of the Year
Principal of the Year is a special designation that does not require a candidate each year.
Candidate(s) nominated by voting member of APSL.
Call for nominations.
Nominations must be accompanied by a written recommendation from the nominator.
The Board will consider nominations. The Board will then vote on the nominations and a simple majority of those in attendance will determine if the candidate receives the award. Board members unable to attend this meeting should make arrangements to vote by proxy, if they desire to help determine a winner.
The process must be completed in sufficient time for the winner to be presented to the membership at the June general membership meeting. The winner will hold the position for the following school year.

Executive Board will consist of President, Vice President, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer. The number of Board members-at-large to be elected will constitute 10% of the certified librarians in employ of the SDP in the year of the election. For example, in 2010, an election year, there are 71 certified librarians employed, therefore there will be 7 members-at-large seats to fill. [Number of certified librarians in the SDP is determined by the Human Resources list, available under the Right to Know Act.]
In addition to the 10%, one additional seat will be filled, that of Membership Chair. Candidates may run on the platform of Membership Chair. The candidate with the highest number of votes for Membership Chair will assume that office, on a par with members-at-large.
Should there be a tie among the votes for the final place on the member-at-large roster, the incoming Board will determine the winner of that seat through a simple majority vote before the last day of school.

Board members need to weigh in on this language regarding the library supervisor or equivalent being a Friend of the Board.
The School District of Philadelphia Library Media Supervisor, or equivalent, may join APSL as a general member, paying certified librarian dues and being entitled to all privileges of general membership. However, that person holds a unique position in relation to the APSL executive board. Although not to be elected as an officer or member at large of the executive board and therefore without an executive board vote, the L.M. Supervisor holds the position of Friend of the executive board. As Friend, the L.M. Supervisor may be invited to attend executive board meetings in whole or in part, or may request to be included to speak about a concern or in an advisory position, thereby being included on the executive board meeting agenda.

PCCY and Shelly Yanoff:

We would like Tina to give us a little bit more information on just what Shelly and PCCY can do for libraries and librarians in the district. Do we need to set up a meeting with her? Would like Tina to be the contact person for this effort.

Meeting ended at 5:30 p.m.

A note about Skype conference calls--
One person is the host, calling all the other persons to be included in the conference call. Many thanks to Anna Kearney, Bernadette's daughter, who got us going in the right direction!

APSL Executive Board Meeting
January 5, 2010
Members in attendance: J. Malloy, T. Weinraub, B. Maiden, B. Kearny, B. Wray, M. Diaz, M. Plotkin, L. Burton, J. Downing, S. Hall-Prinzini

Approve Agenda for January 13th

  • May we allow Rochelle’s AXA Advisor-Peter D’Amico, financial planner to speak with us. It was agreed by consensus that he could come.
  • Approve the correction to the APSL Elections from 2011/12 to 2110/11

Who would agree to chair the APSL election committee?

  • Loretta and Margaret agreed to share the responsibility
  • Suggestions:
    • Ballots must go out by March 1 according to the Constitution and therefore will need to know the members who want to nominate themselves.
    • Get a blurb and picture about each of the officers to post on our Wiki.
    • A list of members will be given to everyone at the General meeting on January 11, 2010.
    • Election will be announced at the next General membership meeting-Jan.
    • Irene Garson election will be dealt with in March.

General Membership Meeting Topics for April 13th

  • Copyright Workshop – which is an hour. Leader-Jayne Downing
    • Location: Masterman

End-of-the-year Dinner (Wed. June 2nd) @ 4:00 or 4:30 PM

  • We need a planning committee: Magna agreed to chair this again.
  • Tierra Colombiana 4535 N, 5th St and you park at the Rite Aid -31per person upstairs (Magna Diaz)

Correction to the Membership List:

  1. Change J. Chuplis to J. Davis
  2. Add B. Wray
  3. Add W. M. Moody

Treasury Report as of 1/2/10:



C. Heinsdorf suggests that we speak to our city council member, using the document she attached. Do before principals start the budget process. Give to the President of the H&S to present. Jayne suggested that this document be sent out to the APSL-list or the alt. email list. Janet wants to check with Carol first.

Tina suggests that Carol’s Draft should be given out at the General Meeting.

President called for a motion to adjourn the meeting and Jayne so moved.

APSL Minutes: August 25, 2009
Swenson High School

Present: B. Wray, L. Esh, T. Wienraub, C. Heinsdorf, J. Malloy, R. Nocito, M. Plotkin, B. Kearney, L. Burton and M. Diaz.

New Library Representative at District level at 440 Spring Garden Street – R. Nocito – Congratulations!!!!!
Dates: for Executive Board meeting:
 Fall – September 29, 2009 – Tuesday – Anne Frank Elementary School
 Winter – January 5, 2010 – Tuesday – Holmes Elementary (?)
 Spring – April 6, 2010 – Tuesday – Dobson Elementary
 Summer- May 18 – Tuesday – Masterman school.

Dates for General membership meetings:
 Fall – October 6 – Tuesday – Central High School
o Early bird special discount on APSL membership- Executive decision in consultation with B. Maiden-Treasurer and J. Downing- membership.
o There will access to the APSL constitution for perusal and possible changes to update it for the association.
o Discussion of Access PA- benefits, how to access it from your library and /or how to join if your library is not a part of this state network.
o Power Library – databases.
 Windows of opportunities to join.
 Consideration for next school year.
 Keep informed – help and support needed to keep the Power Library databases, services and communication.
 Always check emails.
o Possible presentations K-12 – Power Library and related activities.
 L. Esh
 M. Plotkin
 J. Malloy
 Winter – January 13, 2010 – Wednesday-
o J. Malloy presenting- Picturing America – Posters and teacher workbook + list of books for possible purchase to go with program. Check in your school for availability to use in library setting. Every school received a set it is possible the art or history/ social studies teachers may have the set in their room.
 Posters are beautiful and are a great teaching tool.
 It could be a collaborative teaching tool for teacher and librarian.
o Revision of APSL constitution- discussions - changes
o Open discussion:
 Webinar – definition and how to use to your advantage.
 Others: Blogging
 Twitter
 Flicker
 Facebook
 Web 2.0
 Creating Websites: 1. Software 2. Format.

 Spring – April 13, 2010 – Tuesday – Spring activity
o PSLA conference April 15-17 – Penn State
o Web 2.0 – Staff (students)
o Last opportunity for discussions and changes to APSL Constitution.
o Possible vote to adopt new revised APSL Constitution.

 Summer- June 3, 2010 – APSL dinner – Thursday – End of year Activity

New Business:
 Advocacy – home and school at our schools
o General district parent meetings – librarians becoming visible so that parents will want a library and a librarian in their schools.
 Librarians from different schools taking turns informing the parents what would be available to their children if their schools have libraries and a certified librarian.
o Task master needed to keep tabs of the parent meetings and to coordinate Library speaker.
 Contact person: Jay Cohen
 Check for agendas
 APSL Website: needs to be kept up to date.
 Paul Addis: Member of the Free Library of Philadelphia Board – desires to join hands with School librarian for stronger alliance and to promote libraries.

      • Note: West Philadelphia Group – WePC (?) volunteers for library instead of certified librarians.

Reporting for T. Friend: M. Diaz