Thank you for your interest in the school libraries and certified librarians in the School District of Philadelphia.

Please be advised that as of February 1, 2015, only 10 certified librarians remained in the SDP,

2 serving students in high schools and 8 serving students in elementary schools,

of a total 218 schools.

At this time, APSL is no longer a functioning organization.

Hopefully on this website you will find some inspiring actions to help support your local school library and certified school librarian.
Carol W. Heinsdorf, M.S.L.S., N.B.C.T.

APSL President, 2010-2012


If school libraries are too expensive, how much is the final cost of illiteracy?

The Association of Philadelphia School Librarians (APSL)

is a networking and advocacy organization for the benefit of school students

in the School District of Philadelphia through

  • dynamic school library programs
  • staffed by certified librarians.

We believe that throughout each school day each student should have equity of access to
  • sufficient, high quality, current school library resources and
  • a certified librarian.

    APSL advocacy statement (pending Board approval): APSL's advocacy initiatives focus upon having line items in the budget of every school in Pennsylvania for a certified librarian with clerical help and current and adequate resources for students, beginning in the School District of Philadelphia


Janet Malloy, former president, and Magna Diaz, Corresponding Secretary at the PFT Labor Day Parade, 2009

Click here to view the President's Bulletin Board for the latest notices from former president Janet Malloy.

Elaine Rehm, center, and Phyllis Hayes, right, at the PFT Labor Day Parade, 2009

View the official APSL webpage at http://apsllive.org/